Australians bet more than others

Several recent reports have revealed the fact that Australians tend to bet and lose more than other gamblers, especially on holidays like Christmas or New Year’s. The celebration of international holidays puts a lot of pressure on most people and gamblers that tend to be liable to change are the ones who are most affected by it.

Statistics show that an average Australian gambler loses about $1144 per year. Australians tend to bet that much because they consider casino games, be they online or offline games, a great method of entertaining themselves and escaping from their daily problems.

Reports have also shown that up to 40% of pokies losses come from gamblers with addiction problems, where Australia has managed to establish another record. Nowadays, 5 out of 10 Australians have already developed an addictive behaviour. Nick Xenophon, an independent senator, is trying to limit the Aussies’ loses by establishing a standard maximum $1 bet on pokies. His request has been postponed for 5 years.

Michael Moore, the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Health Association of Australia sustains that gambling addiction is highly related to the promotion of gambling games. He also states that the government should do more about promoting a responsible gambling attitude, given that Australians lose around $21,5 billion annually.