Future of online poker lies in virtual reality?

Online poker was first created in 1998 and at that time it was considered groundbreaking. It was a truly innovative achievement which allowed people to enjoy their favourite gambling game from the comforts of their homes. Over the years people have tried to bring all sorts of technological advances to the game, some with less than stellar results.

There were sites that tried their hand at 3D technology or ones that used webcams to bring a “live” element to the games. But besides these most of the changes were to the way the game was played or to the types of tournaments available to the players.

But a new website has had an idea recently, arguing that virtual reality might be the next step in the evolution of online poker. If we think about it for a moment they might be on to something. Imagine using a VR headset like the Oculus VR. You are instantly transported into a poker room, surrounded by the other players at the table and your own virtual dealer. This might sound very interesting now but it also might be just a gimmick that will quickly lose the interest of users.

Another downside to this idea is the fact that these headsets are very pricey at the moment. How many people will be willing to spend upwards to $500 to buy such a headset and a computer with enough processing power to run such a device. In my opinion not enough to guarantee the success of such a service.