Gaming Congress taking place in Kazakhstan

The gambling industry has set its sights on a group of countries which are now known as The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The CIS currently consists of the former Soviet Republics of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Up until now, there was no centralized organization for gambling officials to organize and discuss their businesses. Thus a Gaming Congress will take place in Kazakhstan in Almaty on August 20.

This event will reunite administrators, managers and top management of casinos; owners of hotels and other from the tourism business; owners and developers of online platforms; manufacturers and suppliers of gaming equipment.

The main focus of the conference is to open up the dialogue between participants, which include entrepreneurs and experts. The highlights will be discussing the mechanisms and specificity of online gambling, the regulation and taxation of all gambling businesses in Kazakhstan and how to attract more and more players. Another important aspect they are trying to focus on is the goal of attracting as many investors as possible. There will also be a demo area in which guests will be able to experience some of the latest innovations in the gambling industry.

The area will also see other types of expansion with an international airport about to be built. There will also be a superhighway built near Almaty which will ease the traffic in an out of the area. It seems that gambling operators are slowly but surely focusing on other parts of the world which have gone overlooked until now.