Hundreds of new staff trained for new Russian Casino

A new casino resort will soon open up in the Primorye Entertainment Zone in Russia. This $500 million complex will have 121 rooms alongside a luxury casino suite and a huge gaming floor. It will open on 28 August after they complete construction and undertake final government inspections.

Around 700 staff members have started training for this grand opening as croupiers, dealers, floor managers and so on. This number will likely grow to around 1000 when the complex will be operating at its full capacity. A lot of other casinos and hotel complexes will then start streaming in the following years. The main focus of this project is to make this gambling zone near Vladivostok one of the biggest in the world.

Craig Ballantyne who is a former Scottish accountant has been put in charge of this as chief operating officer. He had this to say: “Remember, there are 120 million gambling-mad Chinese, Japanese and Koreans living within two hours flying time of this place.”

Officials from the company also had a statement to make: “The proximity to Northern China of the beautiful European city of Vladivostok makes our value proposition unique. We will have a monopoly on gaming in the Russian Far East until at least 2018, and will attract not only Chinese and Russian tourists but also Korean and Japanese gaming tourists for the foreseeable future.”