Internet poker stable while other casino games thriving

While some old school casinos keep trying to find new methods of attracting younger people to their doors, online casinos are already strapped in securely into this demographic. This is mostly due to the convenience and ease of the Internet and the fact that young people nowadays are accustomed to using it for absolutely everything if possible.

Some people say that the online poker market has shrunk 20% since 2012, the year that broke all records for profit margins in online poker. This decline might stabilize soon though, thanks to high-profile mergers within the industry that will cut costs. Online casino games, on the other hand, are seeing a strong period of growth, especially in Europe where roughly 85 nations that allow online gambling are located. Europe is also the place where 40% of worldwide online gaming revenue is made.

The European Commission says that the online gambling market is worth about $14.7 billion on the continent and is still growing. The United Kingdom seems to be the leader in this area, although a lot of other countries are closing in on it for the title.

But now a lot of these online casinos are setting their sights on American soil where a few states have already legalized online gambling again. This will probably be a future trend and more and more states are expected to pass bills that will legalize online casinos once again. Financial analysts estimate that the market could reach $2.7 billion in the US alone if more states start legalizing and regulating the industry. So all in all, it seems like the online gambling industry has sunny times ahead.