Japan Bill submitted to legalize casino gambling

The Liberal Democratic Party, the Party for Future Generations and the Japan Innovation Party proposed a bill that would legalize casino gambling in Japan. Lawmakers submitted the bill to the Parliament and sustained the fact that its approval could generate revenue of approximately $40 billion/year.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that this could mean an impressive economic growth in Japan. Information about voting is not established at the moment. However, lawmakers expect its approval before August when the present parliamentary term will expire. The rejection of the bill will cause a slight delay in the implementation of a second one which highlights the details on procedures.

Buddhist-backed Komeito members, fresh partner of the Prime Minister’s government, have opposed the bill which was a major issue concerning measurements taken to submit it.

This is not the first struggle in order to legalize casino gambling in Japan. Legal demands of gaming markets representatives have been repeatedly ignored or rejected due to their supposedly negative impacts such as addiction or crime.