Japan might introduce a gambling bill

These past days have marked an interesting debate in Japan, which is currently trying to introduce a new casino bill to legalize gambling and the emergence of casinos in the country. Several members of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) along with the Party for Future Generations and the Japan Innovation Party have drafted the casino legislation bill and it seems like it will be discussed in the near future in parliament.

Japan could easily become one of the most imposing gambling markets worldwide. CLSA has released a recent study, which estimated that the Japanese gambling market can generate yearly revenues of around $40 billion.

This market needs the implication of important gambling operators like MGM Resorts International. The president of MGM Resorts International, Bill Hornbuckle, has already declared that he is willing to invest in the Japanese gambling market through Osaka. Also, Sheldon Adelson, one of the most influent gambling representatives in the USA said that he will do “whatever it takes” in order to invest in Japan.

If the Parliament will not legalize gambling and casinos in Japan, several international gambling institutes like the American Gaming Association (AGA) will provide support for Japan’s process of legalization.