New casinos emerging in Asia Pacific by 2020

The gambling industry in Asia is growing at a rapid pace and gambling halls are not wasting any time in expanding their presence in the Asia Pacific region. Up to seventeen casinos have been scheduled for release by 2020 in Asia Pacific region and Macau. Macau which is one of the biggest gambling hubs in the world will be the host for six of these new casinos.

Three of these casinos will be built in South Korea, while Russia, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines are scheduled to open two new casinos in the next five years. Macau used to be the biggest gambling hub in all of Asia but their recent decline has seen gambling investors deciding to venture into new Asian territory in search for optimal venues for gambling.

The governments of South Korea and the Philippines have very friendly gambling laws and they are always looking to attract foreign investors and to encourage gambling establishments to set up new casinos in their countries. Some of these new casinos which will be built will be some of the biggest and most spectacular casinos that the world of gambling has ever seen.

Vietnam and Cambodia are also looking to invite investors who might want to build casinos on their territories as they consider the economic boost these might bring very beneficial for their countries. This might be a new trend which will see bigger and better casinos appearing all across the Asian continent in future years.