Online Gambling critic gets criticized himself

Before you launch in a widely distributed article, you would do well to thoroughly complete your homework on that subject. It seems that Tim Shea, president of the Pennsylvania Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association Inc. forgot this very important rule earlier this month.

Living in a state where online gambling legalization is slowly gathering momentum, Shea published an article which claimed that legalization would be devastating to the Pennsylvanian commercial casino industry. His article referenced a 2011 study from the University of Las Vegas Gaming Research and Review Journal. He interpreted his readings in a negative light, deciding that the relationship between online gambling and land casinos is a caustic one.

Kahlil Philander, the man who wrote the journal from which he took inspiration recently tweeted that Shea’s article is “broadly false and misleading”. Philander had these to say: “Tim Shea’s interpretation of my research on the impact of online gaming on land-based casinos is broadly false and misleading. My opinion, based on several research studies, is that iGaming in PN will have no effect or a small positive effect on land-based gaming. The available evidence in regulated markets has been pretty clear.”

Newer studies done on this subject have also concluded that land-based casino revenue would be “enhanced by the addition of online gambling.” So there you have it, a simple example of how you can totally misinterpret information and then be thoroughly corrected by everyone who actually knows what they’re talking about.