Online Poker Lobbying in California led by Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu just missed out on making it to the top of this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event, but after two months of hard work at live tournaments, he is back at work. This time he is promoting online poker in California and asking the state to change the current legislation.

This tour is part of a campaign trying to raise public awareness on the need to formally regulate online poker in the state of California. For the moment the state legislature is on a summer break but once the politicians get back, there is a small window of opportunity in which they could pass a bill introducing state-regulated online poker.

This coalition of poker enthusiasts is trying to apply pressure on politicians so that they take some much-needed action. They even have their own website where voters can register their support and get the latest information or news on the progress of their campaign.

Other online poker superstars like Jason Somerville, Liv Boeree and Chris Moneymaker have also joined Negreanu in his efforts. They hope that all of this media attention will force the hand of politicians in their decision. The public is definitely on their side as many citizens of California have signed the petition to change the legislature surrounding online poker. You hear that California legislators, let the people gamble!