Roulette ball to the eye

Leander Stocks is a man who was enjoying a nice run at a casino in Hanover, Maryland when a roulette ball bounced off its spinning wheel and hit him right in his left eye. All of this took place in December 2013 and just now a lawsuit has been submitted to US District Court for the District of Columbia.

His claim is that the employee who was operating the roulette wheel acted “negligently” and the ball hitting his eye caused a sharp and severe pain followed by general disorientation. The owners of the casino have filed for a dismissal of the case, but the judge denied it. Their main argument was that they do not operate the casino but the judge ruled that information found on their website clearly states that the casino is operated by them.

Stocks further claimed that the injury was only made worse by a security guard who tried to treat him after the incident. According to the news, the security guard apparently poured an unidentified liquid into his eye without the permission of Stocks.

Stocks says that he then experience blurred vision, overwhelming disorientation and pronounced loss of physical coordination. After this, he tried to get up but fell and hit his head, which left him unconscious. He claims that even to this day he still has bouts of blurred vision and regular episodes of post-traumatic headaches. He is trying to claim damages of $300,000.