Spicy Dorito Roulette

Have you heard about the new Doritos Roulette? The basic idea is that you have a bag full of normal Doritos with a few extra spicy ones added to the mix. So basically it’s the equivalent of Russian roulette only with really spicy Doritos. It sounds like a fun game to play with your friends or to play a trick on a friend.

Beth Laybourn was eating these chips one day with her friends in exactly this manner. They were all taking turns and waiting to see which of them would get burned. Eventually, Beth got a spicy one and started freaking out. It was so hot that it triggered her asthma and she started having trouble breathing. She started throwing up and drank 4 glasses of milk but her throat was still on fire. This can be confirmed by anyone who enjoys really spicy food; that burn will last for a while.

Of course in typical panicky fashion, her school issued a warning to parents that these Doritos are dangerous and not for kids. Do you mean the Doritos that clearly state the fact that they are very, very spicy? Who would have thought? My point is that if you know you have asthma and spicy food is bad for you, why would you try that particular type of Doritos?

But this is the society we live in, we’d much rather blame the brand who very clearly states what their product implies rather than question the logic of the consumer. I guess in this case as well, the customer is always right.