Tribe casino bill advances in Connecticut

Bill 1090, submitted on behalf of the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes, is currently being revised by The Connecticut House of Representatives. The proposal, that requests approval for building and operating a new casino in the state, is due to be voted on by June 3rd of this month. Although the bill has managed to reach the Senate, members of the tribe are still expressing apprehensions.

Initially, the bill had outlined the building of three casinos that would supposedly aid level the gambling competition field between Connecticut and bordering states. The sixteen-page proposal is now down to a three-page scheme and it only includes the building of one casino, to be managed by the two tribes jointly. Council Director for Mohegan External Affairs assured that the bill is backed by many state legislators.

The legislative session will adjourn by June 3rd, which means that the House of Representative will have made a decision concerning the casino bill by then. According to Kevin Ryan, State Representative, should the proposal pass, lawmakers will then have to review and agree on a development game-plan. The State Rep. also affirmed to be in favour of the bill as it would “maintain the status quo” between Connecticut and adjacent states.

Indeed, the new casino would keep some jobs within the state, but, concerns are that the expansion would not be enough to employ many residents of Southeast Connecticut, relates State Rep. Doug Dubitsky. Dubitsky has not yet decided whether to vote pro-bill or not. Awaiting a concrete decision by Monday, officials warn that certain last-minute amendments might stall the advancement of SB 1090.