Twitch about to face competition from Youtube

Twitch is about to have to face some very stiff competition since Google announced that Youtube Gaming will be the newest service that caters to all types of gaming all across the world.

Google say that this new service will be launched on Wednesday 26 August in an effort to create a perfect destination for anything and everything gaming. This comes as great news for a lot of people that are involved in the world of gaming, including the poker community.

Youtube Gaming will have over 25,000 pages of gaming information. This content will be sorted by genre, and by the content of the videos. This will make it a place where you can find very specific gaming content at any time. They will also launch a new beta-version of a streaming dashboard. The main difference between this and Twitch will be the flexibility. Youtube Gaming’s main focus is to remove the more rigid streaming system that Twitch are currently using and replace it with a HTML5 stream.

This new streaming service boasts that it will run at 60 fps and every stream will have a custom URL which will make sharing a lot easier, while streamers will be able to chat with the other streamers or members of the community during certain livestream events. This new service from Youtube will be widely available in all the places where Youtube is already accessible.