Will Ferrell plans new gambling movie

“The House” a new movie produced and starred in by Will Ferrell will have comedy superstar Amy Poehler in the role of Ferrell’s wife. Everyone expects that Poehler will give a stellar performance and break out of the “goodie-two-shoes wife” pattern to kick-some on-screen gamblers behinds. The movie tells the story of a regular suburban family that burn through their daughter college fund and must find a quick alternative to recovering all that money.

The Ferrell-Poehler duo establishes an underground casino in their own house, in the effort to cash in on some big “house” winnings. We’re sure to see a crazed Amy Poehler kicking around some wealthy soccer moms and enforcing casino rule on the floor. As for Ferrell, having seen him in such a plethora of roles, from the surprising Step Brothers to the ridiculous Casa de mi Padre, to the more serious-toned Stranger than Fiction, we really do not know what to expect to form him in this new role.

“The House” will be directed by Andrea J. Cohen. Cohen co-wrote the script with Brendan O’Brien, his “Neighbors” collaborator. Farrell teams up with Adam McKay to release the movie under the Gary Sanches brand. Other producers are Nathan Kahane and Joe Drake of Good Universe, and O’Brien. The movie is set to start shooting this summer in L.A.